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Born in Belgium on 15 November 1996, Elena Van Peborgh is a young, promising, upcoming author with a sky high ambition. She has the vision to put the little country of Belgium on the world map by becoming a worldwide well-known author and combines her career as developer with writing fantasy stories. Her journey in writing started when she wrote an imaginary story as a writing assignment for school. Her teacher complimented her on it, which inspired her to write more and so she started dreaming of a career as author. Throughout her teen years she wrote a few short stories and started on the basics of bigger fantasy stories. You can find a few of her short stories on Quotev. At the age of fifteen she started on her debut novel DragonDream, which she finished at the age of eighteen and continued to edit for a few years. Writing and programming take up most of her time in her life, but when she has some time free she enjoys reading, playing games on the Playstation, watching movies or series and riding the bike.

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