• elenavanpeborgh

How to start a new story

Most of my ideas pop up in my head when I'm asleep, I dream about something or just wake up with a new idea. That's when I start thinking more about it: how can I make this more interesting? Can I build a whole world and story about this? That's also usually the stage when I think of a title for it. Maybe it's weird but I can't start a story without knowing the title.

The next step is that I start creating characters by giving their names and assigning traits to them, both personality wise as physically. Usually I start thinking of a few traits and then go on Google to search if there are any actors that might be able to play those characters, this really helps me visualising the characters. Then scenes start playing around in my head and dialogues begin to come up too.

Another weird trait about me: I rarely write something down, I remember everything by hard. Yeah, sometimes I forget a tiny thing or detail but it also helps me in challenging myself. Like: 'hmmm... there's something missing here, what was my idea for this again?' and then I end up with even a better idea than my initial one - I remember my initial one fast but I also add some things to it.

I hope this gives you enough insights about what my process is when I start a new story. What about you? What's your process? How do you get your ideas? When do you start thinking about a title? Do you ever make lists of actors who can play your characters? I definitely do this.

Also, if you have any suggestions for blog posts, please let me know in what you're interested in to hear about from me.

Hope to see you soon!

- E.