• elenavanpeborgh

Updated: May 11, 2020

My debut novel is up for pre-order

In my last blog post I promised you I would make my new post about my book. What makes it so special is that it's my debut novel. I think any writer is the most excited about their first book that's getting published. Everything is still so new and unknown, you don't know what the next steps are. Right now I'm waiting for my book to be officially released, it's now up for pre-order as e-book on Amazon, here's the link: getbook.at/dragon-dream. My publisher is a hybrid publisher. They're really great and help me with a lot when I have questions about promo, social media, ... They work with me personally: I had input about my cover and the editing.

Some tiny background story: I started writing Dragon Dream when I was around fifteen and finished it around the age of nineteen. It took a few years to edit it since I was still very young and it wasn't easy to find a publisher for it. It took a year before I found my publisher and I had a lot of rejections since I first tried to get an agent. But I'm happy I have such a great team behind me now and I'm in love with the cover, I'll post the full cover at the end of this post. It was made by cover artist Adrijana Cernic, she's great to work with! You can check out her website if you want a cover too: adriaticacreation.com.

In my next post I'll write a bit more about my story about when and why I first started writing. Dragon Dream might be my first published book but it wasn't the first story I wrote.

Until next post!

- E.