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The background behind Dragon Dream

My debut novel Dragon Dream is finally out and doing really well. The paperback is top 5k in many Amazon stores and the Kindle edition is top 1k in several Amazon stores too. It was even top 50 for a day in the Australian Amazon! Let me tell you a bit more about the backstory of this book, how this story was created. Dragon Dream was my first real project. I started writing it around the age of 15. At that age, I had read Firelight by Sophie Jordan. In her thank you note she wrote that she had written that book and the ones following in that series because she loved dragons and that she was sad there weren’t many stories about them. This way, she inspired me to write a story about dragons myself, and the idea for Dragon Dream was born. The story is about a young shape-shifter girl who wants to be a dragon, but they aren’t real shape-shifters. In her world is also magic, so she wants to go to the druids to talk to them, to see if they can use their magic to turn her into a dragon.

I worked on Dragon Dream until I was about 19, and I recently published it. I’m so happy and proud that this story is my debut novel. It’s doing really well. The paperback was in the top 5k of many stores of Amazon. The Kindle is in the top 1k of a few stores and it was even in the top 50 of the Australian Amazon for a day. If you get a copy, please leave a review, I don’t have many reviews yet. You can either leave a review on Amazon, BookBub or Goodsreads. Here’s the link to get it on Amazon: getbook.at/dragon-dream.

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