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The background behind The Ice Queen

My new novel is out and started off quite well, but I hope it'll do even better the next following weeks and months. Let me tell you a bit more about the backstory of this book, how this story was created. It's the first book of The Queen's Throne series and I started writing this story in 2018/2019 while I was querying Dragon Dream, so it went quite fast to finish this book and publish this. The first idea of the book is based on how much the press and paparazzi bothers celebrities. The main character, Madison, gets stalked by reporters. They sometimes even write fake stories about her to create more drama and to sell more copies of their newspapers and magazines. They give her the nickname of The Ice Queen because she was born with great powers. She can influence the weather a lot, so she created a snow storm at the day of her birth that continued for a while. Her family also suffers from mental illnesses and she inherits those genes, but when the reporters annoy her, it triggers it and makes it worse. Therefore, she doesn't tolerate it at all when they step out of line and because of that she's seen as kind of mean and a bitch.

The story is about her struggling with these issues while all she wants to do is lead her unit and fight some demons. These demons got on Earth 300 years ago and messed with the natural environment of the planet. The weather has changed a lot since then, there's no more sunshine and barely any rain. Their arrival also caused lots of people dying because of a worldwide earthquake, while other people became supernatural beings during the red moon.

I only worked on The Ice Queen for quite a short time, because the story really proceeded fast while I was writing it and I had finished it before I realised it. I have big plans for this series, there are two more books left in the series itself but I also have two prequels planned for it. One prequel will tell more about how much the reporters bothered Madison when she was a bit younger, it will also give more insight about the secrets of Oscar and his dad. The other prequel will tell the whole story about how the demons got to Earth and how the different countries were founded. The main character in this prequel will be Leonie, Madison's ancestor. A part of this story is already included in the prologue of The Ice Queen, to sketch the background for The Ice Queen.

For a long time, I doubted about which book I will write next, but I decided to follow my first thought and to write them in the order I want people to read them. So the next book will be the first prequel, the story of Madison and Oscar when they were younger. There will be some overlap with The Ice Queen more towards the end. Then, I will continue with book two and three of The Queen's Throne series. The last book will be Leonie's story with the arrival of the demons, because it's kind of completely separate from The Queen's Throne series and it will be able to be read as stand-alone.

Last but not least, I want to ask if you get a copy, please leave a review. I don’t have many reviews yet. You can either leave a review on Amazon, BookBub or Goodreads. Here’s the link to get it on Amazon:

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