The Ice Queen is out now

My second book is officially released, it's now up as e-book and paperback on Amazon, here's the link: It will also be available as hardcover, but I'm waiting for it to go through there. I used the same publisher as for Dragon Dream, and they are a hybrid publisher. So they still helped my with a lot of questions, promo and social media. Again, I had input about my cover and the editing. I was already used to some things because of Dragon Dream, but some things were still new for me. I had to register the book on Bookbub and Goodreads.

Some tiny background story: I was already writing The Ice Queen while I was querying Dragon Dream and the editing was a pain in the ass for this book. I thought I had written a lot more words and described everything in detail (and maybe described it too much), but I had only 60k words when I finished my first draft and I found that way too low for such a high fantasy book. But I'm happy with the end result and I have such a great team behind me and I'm in love with the cover, I'll post the full cover at the end of this post. It was made by cover artist Jennifer Wilson, she picked up this cover really fast after I had some troubles with it. You can check out her website if you want a cover too:

In my next post I'll write a bit more about my story about when and why I first started writing.

Until next post!

- E.