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The Ice Queen

Below is the short description of the book The Ice Queen, written by author Elena Van Peborgh. If you like it, you can also view the book on Amazon by clicking on the image or the button at the bottom of this page.


Earth is a kingdom of beasts, and one princess protects humankind...


In the future, an apocalyptic event caused the Earth to change massively. On a world where there’s barely any sunshine or rain, supernatural creatures have taken over. Paudesia: the land of the werewolves, Lythora: the vampire kingdom, Naremia: the kingdom of the vampire-werewolf hybrids and Mysaulia: witches and warlock kingdom.


Madison, The Ice Queen and crown princess of Mysaulia has been trained as a Warrior and a Hunter. She learned to hate all unnatural creatures. But one day, Madison gets a very special assignment, which might force her to change her view and stance.


Will she be able to let go of her hate?

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